The Naked Truth: What Photography Is Really About

What Photography Is really about, Japheth Mast Photo Redding CA Wedding Photographers

What is photography really about?

As I run this business and grow in my craft, I'm finding that the job of a photographer is much more important in the world than we often realize.

It's not about taking pictures, or making people look good, or making money, or being published in a magazine. Some photographers think that's what it's about, but they often aren't the ones that are making an impact with their art. More than likely, the photographers who think this way are struggling to get by trying to make a living off their photos.

Yes, it is about capturing memories and moments in time with excellence. But there is a deeper meaning underneath.

The best photographers know this - and I'm talking specifically about "people photographers" such as myself - that our job is to change the lives of the people we capture. It's not about taking something from someone - a cool picture that we can post on Instagram, a print to hang on their wall, a new profile picture - it's about giving something to them.

That something looks like hope, encouragement, life, and identity.

Photography is really about giving hope, encouragement, life, and identity.

I firmly believe this: there is gold to be found in every single person. There's magic to be found in everything that exists. There is goodness to find in every person.

And it's our job to call that out and bring it to the surface in the people we photograph.

It starts with your belief system. If you don't believe that every person you photograph has value and deserves love, then you'll photograph them that way, and it will show up in the photos.

Our job is to fall in love with every person that we photograph!

Find the gold that is in every person!

As photographers, It's our job to find that gold. And to capture it with excellence, beauty, and purity. In every photo session, we need to dig and dig and dig and speak life and truth and hope and identity into the people that we are photographing, until who they really are is clearly displayed in our camera lens.

And that is the naked truth about what photography is really about.

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