What My Clients Have Said

Japheth is a phenomenal wedding photographer! His shots and edits were beyond our expectations, and we are both so glad we will have these photos to look back on from our big day. I could not rave more about the excellent service he provides and his can-do attitude! 10/10, 5 stars, 2 enthusiastic thumbs up...He comes HIGHLY recommended on our account.
— Victoria Foust
I could write a long story about the wonderful adventure with Japheth! I just love how he makes photography so much fun, adventurous, and full of life! He encourages those around him and makes the world a way better place!! I love his wit, and for this I encourage everyone to have a session with him!!
— Artist Carter
Japheth is wonderful and has a unique eye for photography. We have been working together on my blog and our shoots are always fun. He has a wide range of knowledge and is always willing to try something new. He makes sure that we get the shots I was looking for as well as giving me shots that WOW. You will be glad you chose to work with Japheth no matter what your photography need He’s a great choice!
— Brooke Sparks
I would definitely recommend Japheth. Catches special moments and expressions well. He did an amazing job for our wedding!! Got them all done and sent to us in record time. He was a “God-send” when our other photographer couldn’t make it last minute. We were not disappointed and would recommend you to give him a call. You won’t be disappointed either!!
— Kristina Miller
We love how natural it was to have him capture our family. Also was so thankful to see such beautiful pictures, he captures sunlight well!
— Ashley Crockett
I loved my portraits from Japheth. He’s taken lots of pictures of me over the years and I’m always impressed by his style of photography and the way he brings out the the best in you through his pictures.
— Jeriah Miller
Japheth is a very creative and talented photographer that has a way of making the photo shoot feel easy, fun and comfortable. His mild manner brings such an ease to everyone involved. Our family will certainly seize the opportunity again to see his gift in action and portrayed in his photographs!
— Veronica Grimm
Japheth is THE BEST!!! He did even more than all we asked, and his return on the pictures was AMAZING. He is so fun and easy to work with, and learned everyone’s names very quickly. We can’t get enough of our pictures, and even though there are hundreds, we only wish we had more, because they are MAGIC.
— Lauren Wright
The thing I love about Japheth’s photos is that he really expresses a persons story. He knows the person he’s shooting has a deep and rich story and he values that. His mission is to tell someone’s story and he does it so well.
I’ve used photos he’s taken of me for several things. From my blog to my profile photo. He’s unbelievable and I would wholeheartedly recommend you schedule a shoot with him.
— Joe McKay
Is super professional and talented at what he does. He puts his heart into every photo and they always turn out incredible. Definitely worth checking him out.
— Eythana Miller
LOVED how our family photos turned out!!! Taking photos that include three kids 4 and under can’t be easy and he made it seem SO easy and natural!!
LOVED how he edited them TOO!!!!!!!
— Sarah Smedley
This guy has some serious talent, he was one of the photographers at my wedding and we absolutely love his style of photography. I highly recommend him! Keep it up man.
— Jalon Miller
Very professional and I was very satisfied with the head shots he did for me!
— Jason Smedley
Japheth took our family photos and did really well with it. I loved that he knows how to interact with little kiddos to keep their attention, and I feel like he has a gift with knowing how to capture the perfect lighting in his photos.
— Liz Yoder
We were referred to Japheth by some friends who also had him shoot their family portraits. Our family had a fun shoot, and he was super easygoing and patient with our specific locale and pose requests (and with our squirmy/temporarily insane little ones). Magically, he somehow managed to capture some great shots—even in the midst of our craziness!
— Josh Greeson